Sunday, March 25, 2012

Come help the YW sew their bonnets and skirts for Trek this Tuesday at 7pm at the church!!

Today's lesson was Elder Neil L Andersen conference address "Children"
As we look into the eyes of a child, we see a fellow son or daughter of God who stood with us in the premortal life. It is a crowning privilege of a husband and wife who are able to bear children to provide mortal bodie for these spirit children of God. We believe families, and we believe in children. The commandment to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. When to have children and how many children to have are private decisions to be made between a husband and wife and the Lord. These are sacred decisions-decisions that should be made with sincere prayer and acted on with great faith.
This is a time of economic instability and financial uncertainty. President Monson said:"If you are concerned about providing financially for a wife and family, may I assure you that there is no shame in a couple having to scrimp and save. It is generally during these challenging times that you will grow closer together as you learn to sacrifice and to make difficult decisions." In the most beloved story of a baby's birth, there was no decorated nursery or designer crib-only a manger for the Savior of the world.
Families are central to God's eternal plan. Elder Andersen testifies of the great blessing of children and of the happiness they will bring us in this life and in the eternities.
Hope you all have a great week and enjoy Conference Weekend.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can I just say that I love Spring rainstorms. My Tulips are so happy to receive that moisture today and I am so looking forward to when they begin to bloom! Love the SPRING!!
Today our Relief Society lesson was on The Holy Priesthood. Pres. Smith said, "I wonder sometimes if as fathers we take pains to explain to our boys the seriousness of the obligation assumed when a boy becomes a deacon. I wonder if when the boy is ordained a deacon the father lets him feel that he has something that is eternally important..." The priesthood is the opportunity to bless the lives of others. Megan Webster lead a great discussion on what as women and mothers we can do to teach about the importance of the priesthood. Some suggestions were that we need to teach our daughters to respect the men that hold the priesthood, this includes young men, the Prophet, the bishop and missionaries. We can support them through dressing modestly, showing a respectful attitude towards church leaders and use appropriate language. It is also important that we ask for blessings and encourage the priesthood holders in our homes to offer to give blessings.
Priesthood ordinances are essential for us to enter the celestial kingdom. Without the power of God and the proper authority it is impossible for men to attain the celestial kingdom. Men who don't honor their wives and families and train them and give them the blessings that you want for yourselves, will never get into the celestial kingdom.
Thanks so much for all the great comments today, and for the great spirit that is felt in our class. Also thanks for all the service that is rendered to the sisters in our ward, everyone is so willing to help!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines Week!!
For those of you with your youth during Relief Society or those that serve in primary, I will try, but will fail miserably to summarize the message given by President Wilcox today.
Pres. Wilcox said that he wanted all of us to know how much the Lord is aware of each one of us and our needs and accomplishments. He wanted to convey to each of us that we need not get too down on ourselves and find pleasure in all the good that we are doing. The 3 purposes of Relief Society are Increase faith and personal righteousness, Strengthen families and homes, Seek out and help those in need. Notice that these are words that show progress. Our work here is ongoing. The Lord is pleased with us as long as we are moving forward.
Pres. Wilcox also talked about sharing our testimony. Many have talked about our testimony being conveyed through our actions, but he challenged us to speak out and verbally share our testimony of Christ. When we share our testimony, no matter how small, it is returned to us with increase.
Find someone to share your testimony of the Savior with.
Remember Stake Conference this Saturday and Sunday
Adult session Saturday at 7:00 pm
General Session Sunday at 10:00 am
Have a great week. We love you all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a great Sabbath Day! I'm so grateful to belong to such a strong organization of women. LaDean gave a very uplifting message encouraging us to find JOY! The Lord wants us to be happy, "Men are that they may have joy". 2 Nephi 2:25. We can wish our lives away, waiting for this or that to happen so we can finally be happy. Or we can choose to be happy now! We are living in our "Once upon a time" right NOW! LaDean told a great story about an elderly lady who had a positive attitude and decided she would decide to be happen no matter what her circumstances may be. She called it putting positive deposits into the bank account. What are we depositing? How much happier we will be if our bank account is full of JOY.
Don't forget about Ward Conference next week. President Wilcox will be giving the Relief Society Lesson so you won't want to miss that!
Thanks to everyone who helped the Brannely's on Saturday. They were so grateful for the service.
Have a great week and enJOY!!
BIG THANK YOU goes out to Andrea Loftin for all her service as the Enrichment Leader.
and WELCOME to Eve Lloyd as the new Enrichment Leader.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!
Be sure to check out last weeks POST for pictures and prices for 72 hr. kits. The money and orders are DUE NEXT WEEK! Contact Andrea Ashley if you have any questions.
Be sure to attend Stake Women's Conference THIS SATURDAY from 10-12:30.

This weeks lesson was given by Sister Wilcken and was the conference talk given by L Tom Perry entitled "Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear" If you will respond to the invitation to share your beliefs and feelings about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, a spirit of love and a spirit of courage will be your constant companion. There are a number of things that we can do-that you can do- to advance an understanding of the church, says Elder Perry. First, we must be bold in our declaration of Jesus Christ. Second, be righteous examples. Third, speak up about the church.
We have technology, social networking and our own example that can bring others to a greater and clearer understanding of the gospel. Elder Perry promises that, "if you will respond to the invitation to share your beliefs and feelings about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, a spirit of love and a spirit of courage will be your constant companion, for perfect love casteth out fear."

Remember to read your Book of Mormon and make it to the temple. A visit to the temple grounds count just the same.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good luck and our Prayers are with you Shayla Holmstead as you head off to the MTC. You are going to make a great missionary!
This weeks RS lesson was given by Megan Webster and was "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself"
George Albert Smith was well known for his capacity to love others. Near the end of his life President Smith said, "I do not have an enemy that I know of, and there is no one in the workd that I have any enmity towards. All men and all women are my Father's children, and I have sought during my life to observe the wise direction of the Redeemer of mankind - to love my neighbor as will never know how much I love you. I have not words to express it. And I want to feel that way towards every son and daughter of my Heavenly Father."
When we reach out and give service to others we gain so much more in return. May we truly emulate the love of the Savior and seek out to love thy neighbor.

We are back on track with getting items for our 72 hour kits. Here are this months items. Orders and money are due to Andrea Ashley by January 29th

5 in 1 Emergency Whistle $1.60

100 hr. candle $4.81

Glow stick lasts 12 hrs. $1.34
choose red, yellow, white,blue or orange

LED 200 hr. flashlight $4.27